We've got your info and are excited to bring you up to speed! We'll be in touch personally to confirm your contact information, answer any questions, and to fill you in on what comes next as we ramp up to the July Kick-off!

Did you know donations to BYC are Tax-Deductible?

BYC's formation process has already benefited greatly from the skills and passions of our larger Cycling Community. All the area cycling teams have been involved in creating the program, and of course our Shop Partners have helped us to build a strong foundation of equipment for our Rookie Riders.

Since their January election, the BYC Board of Directors has approved Bylaws, incorporated legally, and applied for a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit status. This status means donations are Tax-deductible. Thanks again for reaching out to us! We look forward to growing in our Community with involvement from all! .....read more about BYC's story here