- Loaner Bikes for the Rookie Year!
- Redline Cyclocross Bikes for Riders ages 8-16
- Wrench Days teach kids how to work on their Bike
- $100 Deposit to Reserve a Rookie Bike
- All thanks to our Shop Partners!

Redline Cyclocross Bikes available for Rookie Year!
With the help of our Shop Partners, BYC owns a collection of Redline cyclocross bikes to get our Rookies rolling! The fleet includes bikes with different wheel sizes to suit all heights (sizes) in the 8-16 year old range, available for loan to our first-year riders with a $100 deposit. The bikes are intended for cyclocross, with wider knobby tires installed, but with a simple tire swap can easily be ridden effectively on the road.

Who can Ride a Rookie Bike?
Our Rookie Bikes are for kids new to cyclocross. The bikes are intended to allow riders and their parents a chance to discover the fun of competitive cycling for a year before making a decision to invest in the sport. Year two riders are allowed use of a Rookie Bike only if there is not a Rookie that needs that bike prior to the first race. Once the season begins, bike assignments to Rookies and year two riders are set.

After their year with a Rookie Bike, our Shop Partners will help to make the appropriate equipment decision for each rider. If a racer already has a bike suitable for cyclocross, or has raced more than one cyclocross season, they are not eligible for a Rookie Bike.

Participation Expectations for Rookie Bike Riders

1.  BYC encourages all riders with a Rookie Bike to Earn their Wings!

2.  We require anyone with a Rookie Bike to attend at least 4 practices and 1 race per month, Aug. - Nov.

3.  Attendance at 4 out of 7 Wrench Day Practices is mandatory to assure the protection and upkeep of our Rookie Bikes.

How do I Get and Return a Rookie Bike?
There is a $100 deposit required to participate in the Rookie Bike program. It can be paid when you Join to reserve a bike, as they are first-come first-serve, or later if we still have bikes available. The Rookie Bikes will be delivered to our First Practice 2016 Kick-Off (July 23) by the Shop Partners for pick-up.

Our Shop Partners will provide an extensive Tune-Up upon return of the Rookie Bike. The bikes are to be returned by Jan 31 to the assigned Shop Partner. Once the Bike is approved for return, with any excessive wear and tear addressed by the parent, BYC will apply the $100 deposit towards this extensive tune-up. Should the Bike not need a tune-up, or a less-extensive adjustment is needed, all or a portion of the $100 deposit will be refunded to the parent. If the Shop Partner sees that repairs beyond expected wear and tear are needed, the Rookie's parents are responsible for the cost of those repairs before the Bike will be accepted for return.

Wrench Days at Practice!
Approximately once a month, a BYC Shop Partner will attend practice and teach a Wrench Day maintenance clinic for all our Kids and their Parents. After that, while the riders are rotating through other clinics/drills, the shop staff will look over the Rookie Bikes and identify maintenance concerns the riders and parents of each bike should address to prevent ongoing damage.

If there are issues due to negligence, the Rider is responsible for repair, but if it is a normal wear and tear issue, BYC will cover the repair. Any maintenance or repair work done on our Rookie Bikes not performed by the Rider, Parents, or BYC Volunteers must be done by a Shop Partner, unless the riders are traveling to races. These Wrench Days are a great opportunity to combine maintenance of our Rookie Bikes with teaching opportunities for our kids!

Review the Details of Our Rookie Bike Agreement Here